The Visitors’ Centre is a gateway to Anykščiai Regional Park.

There is the best place to plan your trip, to start getting known with the park. The Visitors’ Centre provides information on the natural and cultural heritage values of Anykščiai Regional Park, places of interest, opportunities for cognitive tourism and recreation. The Centre organizes cultural events and nature lessons, trips, seminars, and the Interactive Exposition is opened here.

The Visitors’ Centre and Anykščiai Regional Park Directorate are located in the territory of the former Anykščiai manor. The manor dates back to the 16th–17th centuries. The building itself of the Directorate and Centre dates back to 1883 when the school was built (renovated in 2010). Two classics of Lithuanian literature studied here: Jonas Biliūnas and Antanas Žukauskas-Vienuolis.

At the Centre you can buy a Visitor‘s ticket. Single Visitor’s ticket (valid for 5 days) to Anykščiai Regional Park costs 1 Euro.

Ekspozicijos darbo laikas: 

II–V 9.00–18.00 val.
VI 8.45–16.30 val.

(pietų pertrauka 13.00–13.45 val.)