The Treetop Walking Path is the first path in the Baltic States and entire Eastern Europe that provides an opportunity to take a walk high above the ground, at the level of treetops.

The Treetop Walking Path was opened on 7 August 2015. Its opening ceremony was even attended by the Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė. The Treetop Walking Path Complex includes: an information centre, the path, and a watchtower. Architects of the structure: Alvydas Mituzas, Arvydas Gudelis, Andrius Dirsė. Original architectural solution: a folk band from Lithuanian ethno-cultural region called the Highland was selected to be the architectural motif of the watchtower. Diamond shaped motifs in the band dominate the facades.

Medžių lajų tako informacijos centro ekspozicija „Anykščių šilelis – miškas ir/ar kūrinys“

The exhibition "Anykščių šilelis" - forest and/or creation" is open in the information center of the Treetop Walking Path complex, the main theme of which is the undiscovered "Anykščių šilelis". Intrigue awaits under stylized tree leaves that have become important design elements. After lifting the leaves, you can find information about "Anykščių šilelis", the park's natural values.

Here visitors are not only provided with information, but here visitors can also touch, smell and listen, feel like they are in a real forest.


The Treetop Walking Path complex is administered by the Directorate of Anykščiai Regional Park

Address: Dvaronių k. 5, 29168 Anykščių r. sav.

Coordinates: 567021, 6150516 (LKS)
55.485095, 25.060364 (WGS)
55° 29′ 6.34″, 25° 3′ 37.31″

Phone: +370 684 53736